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Reluctant Initiate


Blood Intentions.png

Vampires have been governed by the Council of United Clans for centuries; power, hierarchy, and wealth dominate their society. Five clans compete in every way.


DAMIEN ESPINOSA of the clan Vennesei is a rogue vampire who defies Council rules. He loathes his vampire life, loathes himself for betraying his family, and the bitterness at having his human life taken runs very deep. His noble blood gives him an advantage over the other blood drinkers and his ranking in their aristocracy excuses his behavior….to a point.


Damien’s self-inflicted isolation of four hundred years and his hermit lifestyle is about to come to an end. As the century ends and Y2K rolls in, it heralds an initiation year for clan Vennesei and Damien is charged with the most important task of a blood drinker’s existence. He must spawn an unsuspecting human initiate into his clan of immortals.


ZOE SHARPE is an intelligent and beautiful young student in Silicon Valley California. She meets Damien when a group of her friends break into his ancestral home as a Halloween prank.


As a relationship develops between the two it becomes clear that Zoe is the chosen initiate and Damien must take her human life. Can he complete his task and save face in the vampire world? Or will he find a way to release her and face his own destruction by the council?

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