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The EVIL VEIN  Series

Evil Vein #1.png

Dark Beginnings

Book 1 of EVIL VEIN

What if you lived in a small coastal town where a madman was determined to share his gift of eternal life with his community? What if a serum designed to dramatically alter DNA had the power to attach itself to docile marine life, creating a creature capable of tremendous violence and destruction?


HAL JOHNSTON, a brilliant scientist at Raydon Labs in Northern California, tries to create a life extending medication when his beloved wife HOLLY is stricken with terminal cancer. Denied treatment by their medical insurance company, HAL steps up his research on his “Blue Gem Serum” by adding ingredients not sanctioned by the FDA. HAL’s antidote was supposed to cure the ravenous disease in Holly’s body. Instead, it extends her life indefinitely as she reanimates into a zombie capable of spreading the disease.


After HAL’s secret laboratory is discovered and his beloved HOLLY destroyed, the now mentally deranged scientist takes the future of mankind into his own hands. He climbs a viaduct flowing to the Pacific Ocean where he takes his own life but only after he has released his viral vaccine into the water supply. The serum mixes with the local marine life and starts a chain reaction, quickly devastating the small coastal town. Venomous, genetically altered sea creatures emerge from the ocean and begin a deadly rampage. One sting from the creature’s venomous tail turns its human foe into a lifeless walking zombie. A bite from a zombie or a sting from a “scrabion” spreads the deathly infection. No one is safe. As the survival battle begins, a diverse group of personalities come together.


Homeless drunk JIMMY, pest exterminator JOEY, escaped prisoner RICK, teenage stoner friends MARK and KEITH, medical student AARON and forensic nurse WHITNEY to name a few, offer each other support as Tylerton dies around them.


They win some fights and they lose some fights as we wonder who will make it and who will join the hopeless undead. Each member of the group contributes in different ways as they build a makeshift haven inside a Mimi’s Café. The US ARMY and the CDC join forces to combat the epidemic. They deploy various methods to try to halt the invasion and multiplication of zombies and mutated creatures alike - much without success. Eventually, the problem seems to be contained, but is it?


This is “Dark Beginnings” the first installment in Diane Sager's apocalyptic series EVIL VEIN.

Evil Vein #2.png

Divide and Multiple
Book 2 of EVIL VEIN

The killer infestation continues to spread beyond the confines of Tylerton. The reanimated zombie corpse of scientist HAL JOHNSTON is washed up on a populated San Diego beach to infect all who comes into contact. Flamboyant MARCEL DOMINGUEZ flees for his life and finds shelter in an old time radio station built by VINNIE COBB, a Vietnam veteran and conspiracy theorist.


South of the border in Mexico’s Rosarito Beach, HAL’s Blue Gem Serum infects a new generation of scrabions, stronger and faster, with the collective consciousness inherited from the first mutants making them an unimaginable foe. One sting or scratch kills and turns humans into bumbling zombies.


American twins CARRIE ANNE and KAYLA WHITE are trapped by the attacking scrabions as they try to get back to the border. Meanwhile in Tylerton, the scrabions are hibernating following the aerial blanket bombing of a bright red viral cocktail by the military, an attempt to attack the scrabions’ DNA. The survivors we met in Dark Beginnings are still fighting off the zombie hoard. They are joined by newcomer CHRIS NGUYEN who knows of a fallout shelter at the top Weiss Road with food and medical supplies.


They will be safe there... if they can make it.

Evil Vein #3.png

Extreme Elimination

Book 3 of EVIL VEIN

The killer infestation created by Hal Johnston reaches unimaginable proportions and leads to a devastating conclusion. Driven underground into Cartel tunnels and old mine shafts from another era, the survivors must run for their lives or be eliminated by the Agency’s desperate solution to the infestation. Can they reach safety through a maze of zombies, scrabions and their spider-like offspring and emerge safely on the other side?


The Tylerton survivors built a fortress around a ranch with a connected bomb shelter. A safe-haven, they thought… but not for long. Believing that their hardships have ended and that the scrabion invaders have been killed off by the government, they’ve settled into a comfortable life, until tragedy strikes.


When the army of scrabion killers beneath Tylerton awaken from their virus-induced hibernation, the survivors are forced to make some uncomfortable decisions. At the radio station once thought impenetrable, doomsday prepper and Vietnam war vet Vinnie Cobb along with Marcel Dominguez and Travis Roberts have united with reporters Miranda Scott and Drew Slade. When their location is exposed and their lives put in danger they are forced to vacate and run for safety. Just across the Mexico border, Kayla White, Consuela Garcia and Nancy Mendoza meet up with Jackie Forrester and the remaining silo crew in a brutal concentration camp run by the Agency.


Sadistic camp commander Jason Sowell and Agency representative Suzanne King torture them with acts of violence and starvation. Desperate, they search for a way out through abandoned tunnels.


Each survivor must escape from the infestation zone quickly as the government prepares for a drastic step to permanently destroy the impending zombie and scrabion apocalypse. Will anyone survive?

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