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Summer of Haight '67
The Corridor Series

“All across the nation, such a strange vibration...”

Word spread across the United States. Young Americans were drawn to a revolutionary underground youth subculture that was developing in an area of San Francisco, California known as Haight/Ashbury.

It was 1967 and youths cast off their conservative social values and “dropped out” to form their own world, one of peace, love and tranquility. It became known as “The Summer of Love”. They sought utopia in a world of turmoil including a horrific war in Vietnam.

They were known as Hippies. Sexual and social inhibitions were dropped; politics, music, drugs and free love were the order of the day. Hells Angels and the Black Panther Party operated freely.
Some say if you were there and you remember it, you weren’t there!

KATHERINE RHODES was there and lived through that crazy, hazy period. A freak accident hurls her back through time to 1967 and into her own 20 year old hippie body. Unbelievable? Maybe. But she’s here and she has the opportunity to re-live those times a little more clearly and a lot more experienced.

The Human Be-In, Monterey Pop Festival and the Gathering of the Tribes. Her beloved brother was killed in the Vietnam War. Could she prevent that? Could she avoid the terrible relationship and doomed marriage she got herself into?

Join KATHERINE (Katie) as she re-lives the world famous 1967 Summer of Love with her friends MOONBEAM and FROG. You will meet JANIS JOPLIN, CARLOS SANTANA, CHARLES MANSON and many more……….. Oh, and be sure to wear some flowers in your hair………

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Praise and Reviews

This was such an amazing story. It really made you feel like you were there. The characters were so realistic I felt like I really knew them. If course the places and major events were real. It has been a long time since a book made me feel so totally drawn in. I hated to see it end and I don't think it will be long till I go back again. 

"Summer of Haight '67 is

Sager's best writing yet”

The Times Book Review

Imagine going back, getting the chance to fix your past. Would you only fix your own? How hard would you fight to save those you love? Weaving hippie chicks and Hells Angels through time and space in a story that was compelling despite strange duplicated paragraphs and repeated facts. I enjoyed the story despite diversions into expositions about Vietnam or 60's culture. Informative, loveable characters and a tale which just kept giving more surprises.

"Gripping storytelling"
The Good Read Blog

It's an interesting read, going back to the late 1960's which was during my late teen, early 20's years. Introducing characters that either became musical giants of that period (Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix) or political activists (the Black Panthers) and creating a mix of hippies and Hell's Angels was entertaining. The almost "supernatural" story of a woman in her 60's returning to her youth while in a coma carrying with her all the knowledge of someone who has lived that long and knowing the future was intriguing. The only weakness in the book was her occasional utilization of a documentary style of reporting the history of the time rather than letting it be developed as a part of this woman's story. She was writing this novel not only for those who witnessed that period of time first hand but for younger people to learn about a period in history before their time. Either way it's a great visit.

"Sager describes the whole Summer of Love in San Francisco as it really happened in 1967.  

Even the weather is accurate!"   

Goodreads Review

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